Maternity Belly Bands for Pregnancy

Perfect for that in-between stage that all pregnant women unfortunately have to go through, our belly band is a staple you need to help you to transition from your pre-pregnancy pants to your maternity pants and vice versa. Our belly band is offered in black, nude, and white so it can easily be worn under any outfit at any time of day! It's also foldable, so you can double layer if you need and smooths the lines from unbuttoned jeans and pants if they don't quite fit yet. Be sure to also check out our maternity shapewear for a wider selection of shapers and belts, catering to all different body shapes and sizes. Now you can feel confident wearing any outfit, like our maternity party dresses! Our belly band will help to keep everything secure and snug, while helping you to look and feel your best!

Maternity Belly Bands

Tummy Sleeve Expectant moms often like to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible before transitioning into maternity clothes. One item that helps achieve this goal is maternity belly bands. Maternity belly bands are designed to offer back support and lower belly support while disappearing discreetly underneath maternity clothing.

The most popular type of belly bands are wide pieces of fabric made from a stretchy comfortable material that fits snugly over your belly and can be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Other common types of maternity belly bands are maternity belts and support belts.

Motherhood Maternity has a great selection of maternity belly bands, including the Tummy Sleeve , the Ultimate Maternity Belt, the Postpartum Support Belt and the Maternity Support Belt. The most widely known type of maternity belly band, the Tummy Sleeve, is available in three colors - black, white, and nude. The Motherhood Maternity Tummy Sleeve can be worn over unbuttoned non-maternity jeans or pants, letting you wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer. During your second and third trimesters, it offers extra support for under belly style maternity pants. Post-baby, it allows you to return to your regular wardrobe sooner because you can again wear pants unbuttoned, and it offers extra tummy coverage when lifting your top for nursing.

Another variation of the belly band carried is the Maternity Support Belt. The Maternity Support Belt features an abdominal support pad that lifts your belly along with an upper tummy strap for extra security. It is designed to relieve pain in your back, legs and abdomen. It does not show under clothing and is available in 3 sizes.

Belly bands are a staple of your maternity wardrobe. They are designed to provide support where you need it most and help you look better in your clothes. Check out the maternity belly bands available at Motherhood Maternity today.

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