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Pregnancy is an exciting time where the mom-to-be is envisioning life with a new baby and making sure that she gets everything she needs once the baby is born. Maternity health and beauty products are often an overlooked aspect of pregnancy, but these products can really make a pregnant woman's life more pleasant.

There are many things that occur during pregnancy, including skin problems. One of the most common skin problems during pregnancy is stretch marks. Motherhood Maternity carries a wide variety of stretch mark creams and oils to help prevent and minimize stretch marks on a new mom. Check out Palmer's Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks. This product is an intensive moisturizer to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. Another stretch mark product at Motherhood is Mama Bee Belly Balm by Burt's Bees. This super-enriched conditioning belly balm nourishes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

For pregnant moms in a drier climate, Motherhood carries a line of lotions designed specifically for the pregnant mom. Palmer's Organics Massage Lotion is a moisturizer that also helps prevent and reduce stretch marks. After the baby is born, new moms may find that firming lotion helps firm and tone their skin. Check out Palmer's Post-natal Firming Lotion which contains a generous amount of collagen and elastin to improve skin firmness.

Don't let pregnant moms forget their own health and beauty during pregnancy. Check out Motherhood Maternity's collection of maternity health and beauty products today.

In addition to maternity health and beauty products, check out our selection of comfy pregnancy pillows so you can get a good night's sleep at last. And don't forget a nursing pillow, so you can breastfeed comfortably.

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