maternity nursing bra fitting guide
Our guide for finding the perfect bra
The Buying Guide

STRAPSBra straps should be set fairly wide apart and should lie flat against your back.

SUPPORTGood support now helps minimize stretch marks later. A wide underband serves as a
foundation for heavier, growing breasts.

CUPSA full cup gives the most support and creates the smoothest look.

CLOSUREAdjustability is a must! Look for at least 3-4 hooks in the closure to ensure
comfort throughout your pregnancy.

COLORSAs with non-maternity bras, it’s best to stock up on colors that are closest
to your skin tone for a natural look under clothing. Lace styles are nice option
for social occasions and can help you feel your best during this special time.

NIGHTTIMEWhen your breasts are at their largest, you should sleep in a specially
designed sleep bra for maximum comfort and support. Shop Nursing Bras.
* All Motherhood® Maternity nursing bras can also be worn as maternity bras.

Measuring for a Comfortable Fit
It’s better to buy bras at several different times during your pregnancy than it is to spend your entire pregnancy
wearing bras that don’t fit. Although the inclination is to think ahead, try to avoid buying a bra that allows too much
room for future growth. Most women wear bras that don’t fit properly! Measure yourself carefully or take advantage
of an in-store specialist to ensure the best possible fit for your maternity bra. Bra Size Calculator
Measure for a comfortable fit using our Measuring Guide
* All Motherhood® Maternity nursing bras can also be worn as maternity bras.

Common Fit Issues

Front & CenterIf the front center of your bra does not lie flat against your body, the cups may be too small. Try going up a
cup size for a better fit.

Riding HighIf the back band is riding up, it may be too loose or too big. Try adjusting the closure or going down a band size.

Marked WomanIf the straps leave marks long after you removed them, they may be working too hard. Try tightening your
band to take some of the pressure off, and loosen the straps. If this doesn’t help, the cups may be too small,
and you may need to go up a cup size.

Glass Past FullIf you spill out of the top of your bra or bulge out of the bottom, the cups are too small. Try going up a cup size.

Pucker UpIf the cups gap or pucker, either the band is too loose or the cups are too large. Try tightening the band or going
down a cup size.

Slippin’ & A Slidin’If the bra straps are always on the run, the band might be too loose or too large. Try tightening the bra
band or going down a band size.

HardwiredIf the underwire in your bra is digging into your sides or does not lie flat below your breasts, the cups may be too
small. Try going up a cup size.

Nursing Bras 101 You should buy your first nursing
bra 4-5 months into your pregnancy.

•   Purchase at least 3 bras: one to wash, one to wear and one to have ready.

•    Look for a bra that provides easy, one-handed access with lots of support.

•    The band should fit on the last hook when you buy. This is because your rib cage will
decrease in size after birth and you will be able to adjust the band tighter as needed.

•    A nursing bra that fits properly will not cause “pinching” under the arm or between the
breasts and will not “ride up” in the back or put tension on the shoulders.

•    While nursing, your breasts are constantly changing as they fill with milk and shrink
after feeding. Look for a bra with at least 5% spandex to allow for these changes.

•    Women who breastfeed often need a nursing pad in their bra to prevent leaking.
Be generous when selecting your size to allow room for nursing pads.

•    A sleep bra is essential! Sleep bras help reduce back pain and help maintain a
natural lift both during and after pregnancy. Our Sleep Bra is a soft cup, pull-on style.
The wrap design allows for easy nursing, and no nursing clips ensure total comfort
while sleeping. Shop Nursing Bras.
* All Motherhood® Maternity nursing bras can also be worn as maternity bras.

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